TeamSpeak 3 server

Here is a script to install Clean TeamSpeak 3 server on any Linux with Systemd.

Password management

Let’s assume that any cloud password managers are untrusted and they are. My way to manage secrets is quite simple but secure as soon as you trust the GPG toolchain. Just encrypt any pice of secrets with GPG and share it Windows On windows may be used for accessing passwords. It comes with GPG and GIT bundled and easy to use. Demo On Windows

Remote read-only storage. NGINX + Furumi

Prerequisites Linux server with data. I use Ubuntu 20.04 Linux box as a client. I use Arch Linux Server setup Server uses NGINX to index and serve data. Config looks like this: Client setup Furumi mount FUSE over HTTP. Get Arch package or binary on Release page. Install FUSE support: Ubuntu: sudo apt install fuse Arch: sudo pacman -S fuse Uncomment user_allow_other in /etc/fuse.conf. Update server and auth in /etc/furumi.yml

Music Library

Deprecated and discontinued. Use NGINX + Furumi HTTP Fuse Preface I’ve used Goolge Music, Youtube Music, Yandex.Music & Spotify. The last one is the best, but i can’t control it so I’ve made self hosted service. First of all I managed to setup NFS share on my Linux Server and share it between my workstations, it’s quite simple and reliably but it’s hard to secure and can’t stand network changes.

Calendar server

Preface Remote calendar applications use CalDav protocol to sync events, it work over HTTP. I use Radicale server. Prerequisites Linux server with python3-pip, Nginx installed. Installing Use pip for fetch Radicale server. Create user for service and grant permissions. Configuration Main config file: /etc/radicale/config I turned off internal auth in favor of Basic Auth in Nginx Proxy. Simple systemd unit file my be like this: /lib/systemd/system/radical-server.service Enable and run server:

.htpasswd one-liner

Preface It’s annoying when you need apache2-utils just for creating password hash for Basic auth. So here is Shell one-liner doing it using openssl. #linux #bash #openssl #tool #nginx

Cloud Torrent

Steps Install Transmission sudo apt install transmission-daemon Update config Pay attention to: download-dir rpc-host-whitelist – specify domain via you going to access Cloud Torrent Nginx proxy config Making htpasswd It works. But standard web gui is awful, so I use Custom WEB GUI. It installs via downloading shell script and executing it. Usually it’s bad, so it’s a good idea to revise this script and make decision execute it or

KVM/QEMU self hosted hypervisor

Requirements: Ubuntu Linux server CPU with virtualisation support Configuring Install vt staff Bridging In order for your virtual machines to access your network interface and be assigned their own IP addresses, we need to configure bridged networking on our system. Let’s utilise netplan utility. /etc/netplan/00-installer-config.yaml Generate and apply network config: It works from now, let’s grant permissions to manage virtmanager to user: Managing VMs Use virt-manager GUI utility on client

Arch Linux Repository

Preface It’s extremely convenient to have self-hosted repository for your own packages and deliver it to your machines. Prerequisites Ubuntu Server with Nginx and Docker Creating repository Repository database is managed via repo-add script bundled with Arch Linux pacman package manager. Since pacman is not available in Ubuntu repository I use docker archlinux image for managing repository. This guide assumes that repository located in /srv/arch-repo. First of all move all